Tin Trinh


Tin, also known as Static, doesn’t pretend to be a gifted “sayer of words.” As an illustrator, they love all things visual and give it their all to get ideas for characters, stories, and pretty things out of their head and into the world as fast as their hands can move.

Applied Arts Student Awards 2019

Illustration, Single

CAPIC Rodeo 12
2020 1st place


CAPIC Rodeo 11
2019 2nd place


Dean’s List
x 8

In the background, there is a compilation of screenshots of the visual novel. On top, there is the logo that reads, NEBULOUS, and the main character. Nebulous is a sci-fi visual novel concept about self-discovery, presentation, and identity.
A lineup of seven characters of the visual novel. Character lineup for Nebulous.
A blue woman standing in a fountain-like structure wearing a darker blue dress. She is surrounded by stars. Character illustration and concept art for a goddess of the night, Starweaver.
Two illustrations side by side. The first is of a person in a see-through cube, they are turned away from the viewer. The second is of the same person holding a star and standing on a splayed out version of the cube. That background shows a starry sky. An Illustration duo about discovering the world around us.
Multiple sketches of an avian character. There is a bigger coloured sketch followed by six other sketches in various poses. Character sketches of an avian character, Ori.
A purpled hair androgenous woman wearing an embellished coat. There are four line sketches followed by four painted sketches all showing different outfits. A redesign of the character Faris, from Final Fantasy V.
Six portraits drawn in different styles. Various portraits in different styles.