About the IDEA Program

This year’s IDEA grad show theme is The Final Act.

The venue, our first live one in two years, is different for us: the Vancity Theatre, home of the Vancouver International Film Festival and arguably the city’s best moviegoing venue. The parallels between a screen premiere and a grad exhibition were irresistible—advance buzz, an actual screen presentation, a communal audience, the anticipation of favourable reviews leading to future opportunities—and an apt metaphor for our current moment: the vital, affirming act of putting on a show.

If the 2022 grad class was an actual movie, it might be the indie that didn’t come with the big marketing budget but simply delivers. In spite of a pandemic that impacted two years of their education, these fifteen grads have proven themselves resilient and resourceful. Their illustration, branding, and interactive work addresses our present era’s challenges with wit, empathy, and insight. We’re proud of all they’ve accomplished, of the promise their nascent careers hold, and of the personal qualities and professional skills they’re certain to bring to any studio, team, or project.



The focus of the Bachelor of Design at Capilano University is career preparation.

Our program’s reputation within the communication design industry has been built over many years, and is key to connecting our graduates to rewarding careers. Our curriculum is continually evolving to reflect current professional standards and practice, and to anticipate new trends and opportunities. The Bachelor of Design allows students to specialize in branding, illustration or interactive design, and offers a flexible curriculum to meet their specific goals.

To find out more about the IDEA School of Design, please visit our website, capilanou.ca/idea and our blog, ideaschoolofdesign.com. We host Open Studio Days in November and March, and we’re happy to arrange a Zoom or in-person meeting during the rest of the year, depending on health protocols.