Atrin Yazdani-Biuki

Design & Illustration

A young dreamer teleported to Earth from a faraway planet, Atrin is a versatile creative whose favourite roles as a designer and illustrator are making magical otherworldly experiences for earthlings. Although some critics may find her unconventional, she always delivers her lines with intense feeling and clarity.

Jim Rimmer Scholarship 2021 Winner

The Liar Writing & Design Contest 2021
Design Finalist

ADCC Student Awards

RGD Zulu Alpha Kilo Award 2020 Honourable

Advertising Design

RGD Haft2 Award of Colour 2020 Honourable

Dean’s List

Merit List

Burnaby Arts Council Scholarship

Ricoh Office Solutions Scholarship

District Scholarship Award

Days Without… campaign is an award winning student design project that shows a series of photographs, art direction, and copywriting for posters. The images were taken in Downtown Vancouver to show what everyday life of homeless people looks and feels like and how we often take the simple things in life for granted. Design, photography, and copywriting for Days Without… campaign which shows how homeless life feels on the streets of Downtown Vancouver.
Collateral design and guerilla advertising design for Days without… campaign that shows homeless people using newspapers as blankets and garbage cans as their source of food. This student advertising and design project was made for Lookout Society to address Vancouver’s homeless crisis and spread awareness. Days Without… campaign collateral.
Branding, book design, and logo design for Dance Town, a gender-inclusive dance studio that has introduced a dance program called Groovin’ made for the high school P.E. curriculum. This program addresses male dancer’s stigmas especially those in ballet, jazz, tap dance, and contemporary dance, and helps males deal with homophobia, bullying, and harassment. Concept design, illustration, and branding for Groovin’, a gender-inclusive high school dance program that helps males deal with homophobia, bullying, and harassment.
Book spread design, layout, and crazy colorful dance illustrations for various pages in the Groovin’ handbook that focus on addressing the male dancer stigma. Sample spreads from Groovin’ program handbook.
A series of Augmented Reality poster designs branded for a K-pop music festival held in South Korea called Let’s Talk that focuses on mental health. The music festival incorporates K-pop songs and lyrics written by the artists themselves that showcase their inner mental health issues that are often unseen from the outside. The posters feature Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation, Vixx LR’s Leo and Ravi, and Red Velvet’s Joy, Yeri, Irene, Wendy, and Seulgi. Branding, illustration, and collateral for Let’s Talk, an AR music festival held in South Korea that raises awareness about the country’s mental health crisis.
Various design collaterals for the Let’s Talk K-pop music festival of mental health which include ticket designs, die cut wristband pass designs, and vip event pass designs. The logo design is a band-aid and text bubbles fused together which relates to the idea of healing through talking to others and sharing your mental health problems with each other. The festival encourages K-pop artists and fans to start conversations that sets them on a path towards healing.
This award winning student illustration and design project for Mountain Dew Flavors has colorful imaginary mythical monster illustrations. The Mountain Dew drink cans have a unique packaging design as it includes fun and crazy illustrations and colorful aluminum can tops. The drink flavors have unique names that correspond to each creature and relate to the copywriting for their respective posters. Concept, illustration, and copywriting for new fictitious Mountain Dew flavours that extends the brand’s personality to include the wild and bizarre.