Coralie Mayer

UX/UI & Illustration

Coralie is an illustrator and designer who is thrilled about having her close-up with all the industry watching. She aims to find new ways to make consumer experiences more streamlined and comfortable — with style. Her big ambition is to inject joy into every digital interaction and still be able to take naps as needed.

RGD Trailblazer
2021 Winner

RGD Gravity Inc. Award for Social Change
2021 Winner

GDC Salazar Award for Print Design
2021 Winner

RGD Award for Web Design 2020 Honourable

Applied Arts
2020 Winner

Illustration Single

ADCC Editorial Design
2019 Bronze

Dean’s List
x 5

Bloc Finance app screen and debit card designs by Coralie Mayer. Branding and UX/UI for Bloc, a blockchain-powered digital wallet that enables undocumented immigrants to budget, save, and make payments from any location without having to use a bank.
2021 RGD award-winning user interface design for the Bloc Finance app by Coralie Mayer. Intuitive UI screens for the Bloc finance app.
Branded illustrations by Coralie Mayer for the luxury highrise Viktor in Metro Vancouver. Illustrations for Viktor, a luxury high-rise in Metro Vancouver.
Radio Radical Reform Seminar booklet design by Coralie Mayer. Winner of the GDC BC’s award for print design 2021. Print design for the Radio Radical Reform Seminar, a conference that brings radio fully into the digital age.
Two portrait illustrations by Coralie Mayer for the Capilano Courier. Cover and feature illustrations for the Capilano Courier.
inBetween app user interface design by Coralie Mayer. UX/UI, research and design for InBetween, an app that helps second-generation immigrants explore intersectionality and build their own identity.
Branding and website design by Coralie Mayer for the Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic at BC Women’s hospital. Branding and UX/UI for the Maternal Fetal Medicine clinic at BC Women’s Hospital.
Black and white digital painting of a woman in bed by Coralie Mayer. Digital painting inspired by the film “Ida”.
Poster design by Coralie Mayer for the Bruit francophone music festival. Branding and Illustration for Bruit, a francophone music festival located in Montreal.