Alex Chen


Alex’s interests range from anime, manga, and comic books to drama, music, and video games. His passion for learning is immeasureable; he can speak three languages — Japanese, Cantonese, and English, and is busy on his fourth, Korean. He spends much of his free time analyzing art and learning new software. 

Dean’s List
x 3

Merit List
x 1

ganyu from genshin impact wearing a maid outfit and being surrounded by flowers from genshin impact in the background
gondolier rowing his little boat in the canals of Venice looking sad and within the shadows.
colour variations of a victorian character with a sunhat. Colour schemes range from a purple and teal, navy blue and mute green, and a pure blue with hot pink.
girl laying in a coffin with flowers and skulls
study of Ro Liu's crashing waves
product shot of white mugs with a character in a bright yellow shirt lying down in grass relaxing and blue hands holding a tree with land and fruit