Nada Hayek

Nada Hayek

A sucker for dry humour and 
retro novelties.

Nada is a driven designer with a knack for illustration. She approaches all creative endeavours wholeheartedly, with an eagerness to create playful and unexpected solutions. When not pushing pixels, she’s making music with her best buds.


Best of SAD Magazine – 2019 Illustration Winner
Applied Arts Calendar – 2018 Featured Illustration

phone: 604.729.8093
instagram: @sloppyjohansson

Lousy Records defies the pretentious audiophile stereotype through the use of satire.
Lousy Records store display and promotional items.
Annual report for The Cinematheque.

An animated cover is revealed as the booklet is pulled out of its transparent sleeve.

Girls to the Front, a music festival aiming to celebrate and inspire women and female-identifying musicians in alternative music genres.
Girls to the Front brand identity.