Tara is an illustrator and visual storyteller in Vancouver, BC. Their creative constellations align around concept art, world-building, and character development for animation and games. To them, each project is a journey of discovery with a destination that unfolds one brush stroke at a time.

Profile photo of Tara Asadi and two work thumbnails.


Production Art + Concept Art + Illustration
CityStudio North Vancouver HUBBUB #6
3rd Place
Dean's List
2023, 2024
Giant mechanical robot with a heart-shaped silhouette amongst a steampunk landscape. Concept art illustration for a mechanically mutated version of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.
This is an illustration of a lunar pool ruins with stepping stones, a moon gate, and 3 pillars with over-grown plants on the left. The images on the right show the different concepts for the environment. Environment design of a ruined moon pool for New Moon, a game about the Moon’s journey through the lunar cycle.
A rendered drawing of the fallen goddess is on the left with images of material references to the right. Her design is based off Aztec mythology and the blue tiger moth. To the right there are silhouettes and concept sketches of the character. Character design of a fallen lunar goddess for New Moon, a game about the Moon’s journey through the lunar cycle.
Jellyfish sea-witch character with a spinning 3D model, next to sketches and progress work of the character. Re-imagining the character of the sea witch, Ursula, from The Little Mermaid as a jellyfish accompanied by a 3D model.
A diver swimming with a fish in an underwater cityscape. Promotional concept illustration for an Underwater Exploration game idea.
Three illustrations in a row with different environments that are connected by a portal. The illustration on the far left is a Super Mario Bros. landscape of the mushroom kingdom, with Peach’s castle in the background. The middle illustration is a landscape of Waterfall, which is a crystal water cave area in Undertale the game. The far-right illustration is from the dangerous lava area of the Nether in the game Minecraft. Immersive illustration poster series for a music festival inspired by video games.