Max is an illustrator whose greatest pleasure is creating work that brings joy and whimsy to people’s lives. Bold, punchy, and colourful illustrations are his go-to style. When he’s not illustrating, Max enjoys exploring nature and photographing local wildlife. These interests help inspire his work.

Profile photo of Max Beauchesne with two work thumbnails.


Character Design + Concept Art + Children’s Illustration
Dean's List
2021, 2023
Character illustration of a shrimp serving fried rice to their goby fish friend. Eight colour variations of shrimp character and process work for the final illustration. Character illustration of a shrimp serving fried rice to their goby fish friend, including colour variations, and process work.
Mushroom character iterations, poses, and photographic references. Concepts, poses, exploration, and inspiration for a trio of playful mushroom characters.

Illustration of mushroom characters in a forest and process work. Illustration of a trio of mushroom characters exploring a luminescent forest with line art and a solid colour process.
A four-page comic depicting a chicken chasing a tumbleweed and being sucked up by a UFO. An illustrated comic that answers the eternal question, why did the chicken cross the road?
3 music festival posters. A series of 3 posters for TRANSCEND, an indie music festival.
Cat comic with a collection of cat iterations and reference photos. Character concepts, exploration, and final 6-panel comic depicting a day in the life of Max’s cat, Soleil.