Terence is an illustrator who specializes in storyboarding. He takes inspiration from anime, games, giant mechs, superheroes, and the toys that he loves to hoard. Terence likes to listen more than he speaks, preferring to let his art deliver the emotion and dramatic impact of what he can imagine.

Profile photo of Terence Zhu and 2 pieces of sample work.


Storyboarding + Illustration
Dean's List
Abanbot City is a background concept for a city that has constructed itself around the broken body of a giant robot.
Dino-glitch is a storyboard and animatic that showcases visual storytelling. The story is set in a world of dinosaurs that glitch in and out of physical existence.
A series of four screens from the storyboard animatic. The top left scene is a shadow creature approaching a fallen can of beans. The top right scene is of a can of beans falling from a high place crashing into the ground. The bottom left scene is of the main character climbing over an edge and emptying his backpack full of scavenged supplies. The bottom right scene is of the main character leaping across the frame as he attempts to catch a can of beans before it hops off the ledge. Different scenes of the full animatic not included in the video above.
The bottom left image is of the Dragon-mech who appears as if there is an orange Lyndworm growing out of its back. The Lyndworm is a snake like dragon with a giant head and arms holding a longsword with a curved tip. The mech is a stocky, thick limbed, purple-toned robot who carries the dragon like a backpack and uses the dragon as a stand-in for his arms. The sequence at the top of the page shows the progression from ink blot to first line art stage. The right-hand panel shows the rough coloured versions of first stage line art and final stage line art with the rows that follow showing poses and expressions. The top row poses are of the duo charging up a blast from the dragon’s mouth, and a front and side view of the deactivated mode for the robot without the dragon. The bottom four expressions are of the dragon in a sad and angry state, and for an enraged and depowered robot when the lights change from a neon and vibrant green to a basic red. Drago-mech is a character developed from an inkblot silhouette and set in a world where dragons cannot live without a mechanical robot host.
A series of three posters which when viewed together form the image of a transparent cassette tape. Poster one is mainly red, poster two is mainly orange, and poster three is mainly yellow. The text of the poster mimics old VHS text layout. The cassette image is illustrated to have a glitching effect and has the bands’ names as “stickers” on the VHS. The title of the festival “Reverb” is placed on the bottom with a white line through it that suggests the image of a wavelength, the overall effect is that of glitching as the name and moves to the left and right in orange, red, and yellow. Reverb is a music festival poster series that captures the sounds of static and synth era music.
The graphic novel features minimal colours: black, white, and red. The story begins on the left with the robot lighting a fire and beginning to play a song on his lute in the wasteland. The center panel introduces the wolf that has warped bones poking out of its skin a horn for an ear and three eyes on the side of its face. The wolf hears the music and begins to wander and surprises the robot who is caught off guard. Face to face with each other, the robot notices that there is a bone with some meat on it and offers it to the wolf, who takes a second before accepting it and settling down beside the relieved robot who continues playing as the graphic novel spread ends. Crescendo is a two-page graphic novel spread detailing the formation of a relationship between a robot musician who has lost his voice and a mutated wolf creature of the wastelands.
Five images looping in a gif showing the process of creating a landscape town. Image one is the initial concept, image two sets the lighting values in black and white, image three is a rough render setting in a basic brown tone, image four adds arcs over the railroad and changes the lighting after a draw over, and image five is the final render with corrections to the perspective. Added effects include lighting and fog, and the removal of signs to draw more attention to the train in the distance. The Town in the Crevasse is a background concept for a town within a crevasse that uses trains as the main source of transportation.
There are three different images across the spread. The image on the left is the final rendered image, the center image is of the scene with minor shading and flat base colours, and the image on the right is the initial concept in black and white. The scene is set in a Roman colosseum with the light hitting the gladiator who has a spear and shield. The gladiator is stepping on the Space Man on the ground and yanking his foot back so he can impale him with the spear in his other hand. The battered Space Man’s electronic helmet is malfunctioning as he cries out for help. In the background the mechanical arms of the Space Man’s backpack prepare to strike the gladiator from the back with a knife embedded in the gladiator’s shield. Gladiator vs the Space Man is a concept to final development of a scene inspired by lighting on Roman statues with a backstory that provides context for the scene.