Cale is an illustrator who draws characters with character (it takes one to know one). The fifties and sixties inspire him, both in animation and music. After nine years as a dog groomer, he’s learned the best way to connect with a client is to keep it short and neat, and to always shake a paw on it.

Profile photo of Cale Cooper and 2 pieces of sample work.


Illustration + Visual Development
Dean’s List
A coloured character lineup of three dogs. On the left is a tall blonde saluki, in the middle a medium sized black and dark grey husky, and on the right is a small light brown and grey terrier. Character lineup for an animated show concept, Buster’s Show of Love. It’s an endearing story about a tiny dog with a big heart.
Concept development and final turnaround design for Buster, the charming main character of Buster’s Show of Love.
Concept development and final turnaround design for the beautiful Beatrice, Buster’s love interest and award-winning show dog.
Concept development and final turnaround design for top-dog Axel, Buster’s studly competition.
An illustration of a zombie cowboy riding a skeleton horse in a gorge. The zombie’s small intestine—pulled out from his abdomen—is being used as a lasso. Rotten John riding upon his trusty steed, Marrow. These two main characters from The Undead Duo take refuge from the bone-dry desert in the gorge.
On the left is an illustration of an outlaw on a rearing horse. He is in the desert and holding his gun up. On the right is a piece mirroring the left. A child dressed in western wear that is too big for him is holding up a freshly discharged cork gun as he rides a toy pony. An illustration duo comparing imagination to reality that captures the unfettered mind of a child at play.
An illustration of busts of the members from the sixties rock band, The Beatles, drawn in black and white. A seamless red and white scarf is looped around their necks, connecting them. An illustration of The Beatles.