Megan K.


Megan considered studying wizardry but didn’t have the time to grow a beard before applying, so she became an illustrator instead. Now, she creates magic on the page and screen through visual storytelling. She finds the ingredients for her creative spells in long walks, sunny skies, and good books.

Profile photo of Megan Barry and 2 pieces of sample work.


Illustration + Visual Development
CAPIC Rodeo 13
1st Place
Dean’s list
Capilano Excellence Scholarship
Three quirky illustrated characters stand on the right-hand side. On the left, hand-drawn lettering reads “The Friend Zone: a not-quite-dating simulator” inside the purple silhouette of a tall and rickety house. Character designs for The Friend Zone: a not-quite-dating simulator, a game that gives asexual and aromantic players a chance to explore their identities through a branching dialogue-based narrative.
On the left, an animated GIF shows a girl with long blue hair and a white nightgown alternating between surprised, sneaky, pouty, and disappointed poses. On the right, various rooms light up in an illustrated cross-section of a tall and rickety house. Characters have different poses for their reactions to user’s dialogue choices. Between conversations, users can move around the house via the map.
An animated GIF cycles between two monochrome illustrations: first, a blue hallway lined with doors that leads to a staircase; second, a purple bedroom packed with cardboard boxes like someone’s in the middle of moving. In The Friend Zone, each dialogue location has a different background.
Three illustrated characters stand in a lineup: first, a slight man wearing a plain brown coat and a sneaky expression on his face; second, a brawny man with tiny round glasses, holding an axe in either hand; third, a tall and slim man with angular features and a long red coat, holding a falcon on his arm. Character designs for an animated adaptation of Scott Lynch’s fantasy heist novel The Lies of Locke Lamora.
An animated GIF cycles between portrait sketches of Locke with various expressions, numerous small sketches with outfit variations for all three characters, and a turnaround showing Locke standing in a neutral pose from five angles. Development sketches and character turnaround for the protagonist, Locke Lamora.
A detailed illustration shows a warmly lit dining table in a kitchen with stone walls and vaulted ceilings. There is expensive-looking purple glassware on the table and a cabinet in the background is filled with a variety of strange and esoteric objects. Background design and paint of Locke’s underground hideout, where he and his gang of thieves live amongst their collection of ill-gotten goods.
On the left-most poster, weaving green blackberry vines spell out the band name “Morningsiders” and purple chickadees are perched among the vines. In the middle poster, yellow chanterelle mushrooms spell the band name “The Arcadian Wild” and two ravens perch on the mushrooms. On the right-most poster, rust-coloured kelp spells out “The Ballroom Thieves” and two blue herons stand among the kelp. A poster series for Where the Folk, a music festival combined with a scavenger hunt. Each poster’s illustration is themed around the location of the concert, all of which take place in local Vancouver parks.
On the left, an illustration depicts a woman with flowing purple hair reading a book that gives off a magical blue light. Behind her, mechanical brass birds fly through a cloudscape with several rocky floating islands and a red steampunk airship. On the right, the same illustration is mocked up as a mural on an exterior white brick wall. Concept for a library wall mural about the joy of escaping into a book.