Geraldine’s jam is coming up with stories and then illustrating them. Not surprisingly, she can stay at her desk for hours. Otherwise, she’s all movement and noise from learning choreography to karaoke sessions with friends. Whether it’s on the screen or on the floor, Geraldine will want to move you.

Profile photo of Geraldine Yaris and 2 pieces of sample work.


Illustration + Branding
SNAG: Fresh Blood
The Liar Design Contest
CAPIC Rodeo 12
3rd Place
Dean’s List
GIF of cookbook pages displaying introduction to the author, contents, description of pasta and a recipe for spaghetti. Design and illustration for Simply Italy, a cookbook inspired by all things Italian—from the country’s simple ingredients to the pastel architecture of Burano.
Three posters displaying paper cutouts of fashion models in front of food waste. HIMO is a sustainable, biodegradable, and carbon neutral textile made from food waste. These posters showcase the brand’s goal of turning waste to wear.
Two chocolate bars in patterned packaging next to a single chocolate bar. Packaging design for Kusina ni Nay, meaning "mom’s kitchen"—a chocolate brand that takes visual cues from Filipino fruit stamps and traditional weaving patterns.
One poster displaying the lover’s tarot with two women with swords to each other’s throats, one poster displaying the world with one naked figure and four heads, one poster displaying the death tarot with a man and leaves in his throat. Illustrated tarot card set that takes visual inspiration from artists in the apocalyptic folk and punk music genres.
Three phone screens showing social media apps and cropped artwork of hands holding a cat in the sky. Social media ad for the BCSCPA that emphasizes the importance of animal welfare and promotes pet adoption.
Square paintings of a half-cut tomato, a half-cut avocado, gummy bears, chocolates, two sets of nigiri, rabbit candies and a fried egg. A collection of Geraldine’s favourite foods in the form of mixed media paintings.