Talia Rouck

Branding & Illustration

Talia Rouck is a graphic designer, illustrator, & self-confessed niche-hopper. Although the credits on her coming-of-age story are still in process (with talk of a sequel), she’s thrilled to continue defining herself and her work through human-centered design. Tal’s passion for accessibility, approachability, and a fondness for technicolor all feature in her body of work.

Adobe Student Awards
2019 Winner

Applied Arts Awards

Design Series

Dean’s List
x 8

A tiled compilation of Talia’s illustration work is brought to life through moving gifs. Throughout the image, characters wink, walk, dance, and wag their tails. A showcase of Talia’s process work and final character illustrations.
3 posters sit staggered on a dark mauve background and the company logo sits in the bottom corner of the image. The posters summarize 3 different plays, “In the Tank,” “Martina, Lost and Found,” and “Mx.” Each poster is a combination of text and 3D graphic shapes. Branding and poster series for a Vancouver-based theatre that aims to make alternative theatre more appealing to the public by taking them on a journey of self-discovery.
An image of 3 different beers on a set of white boxes staggering in height. The background of the set is beige, while the cans alternate between red, green, and brown, each with different assigned flavors. A hand pours beer into a glass on the left side of the image. A blood orange, a pine sprig, and a wheat bundle are scattered around the set next to their matching cans. Branding and packaging design for a fictional brewing company that inspires beer lovers to appreciate little moments while easing back into social activities post-pandemic.
A collage of 5 images sits upon a warm taupe background. On the left, an interior shot of an eclectic brewery highlights a mural on the furthest wall from the viewer comprised of a chicken exploring some hop vines. The 4 other images are intended for social media usage, and show shots of draught pours, can designs, and an ad for half-size cans with text along the bottom stating, “Good things do come in small packages.” Mural, interior, and social media design for Dayplucking Brewing Co.
3 images are collaged together vertically. The first shows a woman’s hand opening a jar of moisturizer on a sandy beach. The jar is green, blue, and pink iridescent, and is labelled “Polypeptide Salt Water Gel Moisturizer.” The jar has fine, art-deco inspired graphic lines covering the outside. The second image is a serum bottle being submerged under a stream of tap water. The bottle is dark blue, with the same lines as the jar. This time, it reads “Re-lax, Blue Algae Night Serum.” Lastly, a dark green squeeze tube of “Re-fresh Kelp Face Wash” sits on a shallow pool of sandy water. Branding and packaging design for a saltwater-based skincare line for mature buyers, inspired by the beauty and simplicity of mineral crystal formation.
Branding, web, and social media design for a medical resource that connects rural queer patients and specialized primary caregivers through telemedicine.
Instagram campaign targeting rural communities that informs and humanizes how patients living in isolated areas can access queer-friendly medicine.
An autoinjector floats above its designated box. Text boxes point to various points on the front and back of the auto-injector to highlight specific features. Branding, packaging, and product redesign for an accessible, wearable naloxone-autoinjector developed specifically for a range of able and disabled bodies.