Katrina Lashmar

Branding & Illustration

Coming Spring 2022 to a theatre near you, Katrina is a branding-focused designer and illustrator set to launch her career. She’s a quick study not limited to a single genre—and not afraid to do her own stunts or take on unusual creative requests. Ask her about painting on horseback.

Dean’s List
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design concept for a fictional brand weeird juice an award winning student work packaging brand identity for a cannabis beverage printed on metallic stock Branding and packaging for a cannabis-infused beverage.
instagram advertising feed for a fictional cannabis brand weeird juice that creates cannabis beverages Illustrations created with acrylic pour-painting technique, and social media targeting chill consumers.
tequila packaging for a fictional beverage legato de Gallo branding packaging Branding and packaging for a high-end tequila that reimagines egg-carton design to house sealed egg-shaped shot glasses.
nightclub edition tequila label on bottle fluorescent ink printed at local print shop This ‘Nightclub Edition’ fluorescent ink label makes the bottle pop at any table.
the hidden cost a chrome extension and advertising campaign that tries to put an end to fast fashion branding and advertising for campaign The Hidden Cost is a Chrome extension and campaign that reveal the true cost of fast fashion.
stopping consumers when they shop fast fashion The Chrome extension catches consumers as they shop to make them reconsider purchasing fast fashion.
graphic design for a digital wallet app that allows people to store fiat government currency and crypto currency all in one place the design features bright greens, reds and purples used in a gradated way Branding for Wallace, a digital wallet that stores both crypto and fiat currency.
Illustration for a Capilano Courier magazine article on the topic of Agoraphobia. Digital Illustration for a Capilano Courier article on agoraphobia.