Nicole Shewchuk

Nicole Shewchuk

Making something pretty is almost as fun as the strategy behind it.

Nicole is an empathetic designer who thrives on collaboration, delights in strategic solutions, and values feedback. She uses her illustration skills to elevate each stage of the design process.

The only thing that gets her off-task is if you mention her two passions: video games and her cat, Chester.

phone: 250.937.8946
instagram: @nicolechuck

La Min is a mother-daughter business that provides sophisticated, timelessly beautiful hand-made jewelry at accessible prices.
LOKI is a cannabis beverage brand. It’s energetic and elite, with a healthier edge than its competition.
Homesick is a concert series that brings popular bands back to their hometowns to perform with a line-up of local bands.
To represent how the event will invigorate the local music scene, the state animal of each city is shown being transformed by the experience.
Outline is a pop-up exhibition that collaborates with Canadian art galleries to educate the public about specific art movements.
This free exhibit features interactions focused on visual, kinesthetic, and dialogic learning.