Isaac Mak

Isaac Mak

New forms.

Raised on anime and cartoons, Isaac enjoys the synthesis of unique colours and beautiful line with a graphic design edge. As much as he loves a perfectly drawn line, he equally cherishes the intimacy of mistakes and imperfections.


CAPIC Rodeo 10 – 2018 3rd Place, Illustration
RGD Student Awards – 2019 Finalist
Wong & Trainor Award – 2019 BISEN Exchange

phone: 604.446.3435
instagram: @poittte

Soundscapes - Experimental music festival poster series illustrated to convey the styles of the headlining artists.
5:30 PM - A story of modern-day digital distraction, that began as two separate illustrations.
Sere & Altrua - Developed from an inkblot silhouette, the story follows a single mother raising a peculiar child.
Sere & Altrua - Sere encounters his first rain in a fantastical new environment.
Cross - An illustration for Coastal Church, which aims to improve the city around it.

Instabilité – A digitized brain boots up. Originally arranged to Shiro Sagisu’s, “Instabilité.”