Danielle Adams

Coast mountain kid with a flair for illustrative design solutions.

Raised on character-building experiences in the outdoors, Danielle has developed a deep love for the wild places that nurtured her creativity and wants to use her ability as a designer/illustrator to protect these shared lands. She specializes in illustration and branding.


Applied Arts – 
2018 Student Awards
ADCC Student Awards 
- 2018 Graphic Design, Silver
CAPIC Rodeo 10
 – 2018 Runner-Up, Illustration

phone: 778.996.3923
email: Snorgsart@gmail.com
website: danyeti.ca

Package design for a menstrual cup that celebrates women in all their strength, joy, and shameless passion.
Brand identity and package design for a cricket-protein-enriched line of camping meals.
Adventurous food for adventurous people.
A variety of illustration styles for several different projects.
Brand identity for a Moroccan tea and spice shop in Vancouver.
Package design for a Moroccan tea and spice shop in Vancouver.