Danica Koller

Danica Koller

An free-thinking designer with a flair 
for motion and music.

Danica brings to UX/UI design the discipline she learned from being a 
lifelong cello player, the patience she acquired working with children for 10 years, and the competitive spirit of a savage badminton player. She relaxes by listening to Mahler, Debussy and Rachmaninoff.


GDC Foundation UX Design Scholarship – 2019 Winner

phone: 780.862.2172
email: hello@danicakoller.com
website: danicakoller.com
instagram: @danicakoller

Ellie is a two-platform app that works together to help ease the uncertainties of Alzheimer’s disease while simultaneously reassuring primary caregivers.

Ellie assists people living with Alzheimer’s disease, reassures caregivers, makes daily tasks easier, and helps identify behavioural and mental patterns.

Shopping is a journey and Raza lets men customize it to make each experience their own.
Raza is a affordable and convenient fashion brand for men.

People can interact with screens inside the Synesthesia building, and with each touch or swipe change the experience in front of them.

Synesthesia is a brand experience created for Sony music to reintroduce creativity when listening to music.