Courtney Lamb

Courtney Lamb

Looking for a little Lamb? 

Raised on the Sunshine Coast, Courtney ran with herds in London, Squamish, and Australia before starting the Bachelor of Design where she’s embraced a research-based approach to service and product design. Courtney loves working in teams and is looking to join a fresh new flock.


Jim Rimmer Scholarship – 2018 Winner
CAPIC Rodeo 10 – 2018 Runner-up, Photography
RGD Student Awards – 2019 Finalist
RGD Design Thinkers Scholarship – 2019 Winner

phone: 604.989.4800
instagram: @courtneylamb_designs

Research and development to better understand people’s emergency preparedness.
Research into human isolation in Vancouver.
Final design for Break Bread, an experience within Airbnb that allows people to connect over dinner in a host’s home.
Research into understanding what people know about Truth and Reconciliation.
Muse, an augmented reality app that helps users experience the past in the present.