Charis Wang

Charis Wang

A passionate, observant, animated and bubbly techie.

Growing up speaking four languages and roving between three cultures, Charis is like a hot pot of chicken feet, sushi, and poutine. Multiple cultural roots have helped her be open-minded and self-aware, and make her unique.

phone: 604.719.8785
instagram: @charis_chinyu

Low-light settings, garish neon, and grungy signs in Asian back alleys combine to create a mysterious allure.
Character design of a Hikikomori, a Japanese term for people who find comfort and security in solitude.

Short animated video with a dark, humorous tone underscores the mood of the Hikikomori character.

Aimless wandering in the streets of Taiwan and Japan can reveal scenes that are often overlooked by people rushing.
My interpretation of the tiger from Life of Pi, just before it charges.
This piece draws from the Chinese fairytale, “The Rabbit on the Moon”. The Chinese character ‘wonder’ also contains the character ‘moon’.