Jason Low is a UX/UI designer and illustrator who generates visionary work that pairs fun and logic like a burger and fries. A lover of loud music and loud designs, they daydream of illustrating for children’s picture books. One thing’s for sure: bedtime is the only limit on their creativity.

Profile photo of Jason Low and 2 pieces of sample work.


UX/UI + Illustration
Top Ten
Illustration Exhibition
On the left is an iphone mockup showing the launch screen of Schollar and on the right are four screens from the app organized in a left-tilted grid. UX/UI for Schollar banking app, designed to teach young adults how to manage their money today and develop financial literacy in the future.
In the center is an iphone mockup showing the home screen of Schollar against a dark blue background. Text and images combine to complete the animation. UX/UI for Schollar banking app is user oriented and has WCAG accessible colours.
On the left and center is HIMO’s desktop landing page shown through two overlapping vertical panels and on the right is an animated mobile screen changing between the about page and the fabric page against a pale green background. Desktop and mobile web UI for HIMO, a sustainable textiles brand that turns food waste into fabric.
On the left is a collage of UX development work for NearMe showing a user persona, userflow, sketches, wireframes, competitive analysis, and style tile. On the right is an iphone mockup showing details of the app. UX/UI for NearMe, a bathroom finder app for people with Irritable Bowel Disease.
Three iphone mockups showing details of various screens against a background of a blue tinted street map. UI for NearMe, a bathroom finder app for people with Irritable Bowel Disease.
On the left are phone cases featuring pixel art of a blue cat, pink flower, and green gecko on a dark blue backdrop. On the right is a poster that changes between three designs of digital collage and type featuring the same pixel art as the phone cases. Avant-Garbage is perfect for hyperpop fans and club kids who want a loud, colourful, and queer-friendly place to be their trashiest, truest selves, and to have fun.
Animated logo and GIFs.
Four illustrations: a close up of a woman’s face surrounded by various objects such as a cassette tape, troll doll, and earbuds; a red figure aiming a bow at a yellow figure with three arrows in their body; Humpty Dumpty falling off a castle wall with a knight and horse watching in dismay; and two young girls exploring a haunted house surrounded by silhouettes of ghosts. Various concept and editorial illustrations.