Harlen brings multiple disciplines to storytelling such as character design, writing, and video creation. As a storyteller, he likes to transport audiences to worlds filled with drama, action, and sometimes even horror. Harlen loves to create music, escape on his motorcycle, or ponder the great mysteries of our world.

Profile photo of Harlen Bertrand with 2 work samples.


Character Design + Storytelling
Irving K. Barber Scholarship
GDC Northern Indigenous Award
Dean’s List
From left to right, a woman holding a guitar, a man making a fist, a woman holding a crossbow, a man spinning a knife, and woman holding swords. A showcase of various characters created for an original story.
A concept art piece showcasing a hallway with a warm colour scheme and a turnaround sketch of a piece of armor. A concept art piece showcasing the main environment for a short teaser trailer of an original video game.
A 1:11-minute teaser trailer for a personal video game project.
A portrait of a woman sitting in a chair with a boy standing beside her and four sketches of the woman’s outfit on the right. A portrait of two original main characters, the Prince and Queen, for a video game of my own creation, and an exploration of the Queen’s outfit.
A 3:36-minute video that explains the momentous achievement of launching the James Webb Space Telescope.
Dance animations of my personal avatar on the left and an alien on the right. Two dance animation assets created for a website and video respectively.