David E.Y.


David is a digital illustrator who seeks to entertain the masses with concept art and visual assets for games, film, and animation. Storytelling through imagery is the heart of what he does. David also has a keen interest in marine biology and monster hunting on his just-powerful-enough gaming laptop.


Illustration + Concept Art
Dean’s List
Merit List
A concept for the pink hued Styxqueen is shown on the top left with reference images. Below is a concept of a tree turning into the Styxqueen, and an illustrated example of a boss fight on the right. Character turnaround and key illustration of Sonny, an original character, fan dancer, and bubble tea enthusiast who has power over mist.
A boss concept for the insectoid “Styxqueen” in STORYTIME, a mobile pseudo-RPG app that turns time management into a fun and fantastical side quest.
18 character sketches are shown on the upper left. Below is a further refined trio of character poses for a monk with material references and a refined design on the right; the same image switches to a design for a demon character. An elaborate world map is shown on the far right. Rough sketches and refined concepts for the time management app, STORYTIME, with a high-fidelity world map featuring distinct areas for players to explore.
A GIF switches between two images. The first image shows painted concepts of the Otteroids, and a knife, spear, grabber, and light. The next image is an assembly of sketches for the Otteroids, and tools (or props). Final concepts and preliminary sketches for the Otteroids, a highly intelligent race of six-limbed otters, alongside the tools that they use to catch fish, hunt, and craft.
A full-scale digital painting of the Otteroids’ environment showing large shells for roofing and driftwood for structural supports. Final concept of a seaside settlement for the Otteroids, who live on picturesque coasts beside craggy cliffsides and create their communities out of shells and driftwood.
Three splash illustrations for a conceptual freemium parkour video game, VAULT. Each piece explores a unique map location, providing an escape for stressed-out teens.
An image on the left shows people looking at their phones while one of them is looking up as paper floats with bubbles trailing behind. The right image is of a lit city with two whale sharks swimming above it. An illustration duo called “The World, The Realm” showcasing a single moment in an underwater city from two different perspectives.
Mid-fi character concepts for the Longun Company, avian beings who serve as adventure guides to travellers all over their world, with designs referencing long gone or dwindling bird populations.