Rocio Palomar Robisco

Branding & Illustration

Rocio (row-see-oh) Palomar Robisco is a designer and illustrator who’d love to start her career working at a small studio with big ambition. One where EQ and IQ get equal billing in the credits. As a triplet, Rocio has been a team player right from the start. She wants to thank everyone who helped her get ready for her closeup with the industry.

Gravity Inc Award for Social Good Design 2021 1st Place

Dean's List
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An image showing branded products for The Movement, a youth centre centred around social good and volunteering. The image shows a variety of posters, a tote bag, t-shirt, water bottle and stickers against a bright yellow background. The posters have a white background and all show different images of young people volunteering and feature the headline “there is not revolution without U!” in bright pink, blue and yellow. The tote bag is dark purple and features the company logo, a hang loose sign with the m forming the hands knuckles surrounded by a yellow highlight. The T-shirt is white and reads Good Things are Possible in purple text. The shirt is also decorated with 3 colourful stickers. The water bottle is dark purple and has The Movement written vertically along the side and, like the t-shirt, is decorated with a variety of coloured stickers. Branding for The Movement, a youth centre where even if you’re too cool for school you’re not too cool to care about working for social good.
A gif split into two images showing social media content for The Movement, a youth centre centred around social good and volunteering. The image on the right features two smartphones displaying instagram posts against a yellow background. The image on the right shows the company’s logo, a hang loose sign with the m forming the hands knuckles surrounded by a coloured outline. This image alternates between different colour variations of the logo. The first has a pink background, a dark purple logo and a yellow outline. The second shows a blue background, a dark purple logo and a pink outline. The last shows a dark purple background, a yellow logo and a blue outline. Social media collateral for The Movement’s online presence.
An image showing 3 posters for Marginalia: A Medieval Folk Music Festival. All the posters feature a classical illustration of a mythical creature against a white sun and surrounded by flowers. The first poster has a light green background and features a turquoise dragon playing a light green violin while surrounded by small red flowers and dark green plants. The second poster has a warm yellow background and features a white unicorn laying down with a harp at its flank. It is surrounded by blue flowers and dark red plants. The third poster features a brown and light green griffin on a red background. The griffin is playing a set of turquoise bagpipes decorated with animal heads. Posters for Marginalia, a medieval folk music festival that revives and reinterprets the joys of this almost forgotten musical genre.
An image showing Id tags, tote bags and tickets for Marginalia: A Medieval Folk Music Festival. There are 3 tickets, each of which are a different colour and feature a different illustration of a mythical creature. The light green ticket features a turquoise dragon, the yellow ticket features a white unicorn, and the red ticket features a brown griffin. There are 3 ID tags, each of which have staff written on them and feature the same dragon, unicorn and griffin illustration. There is a gif of a tote bag that cycles through different coloured bags each of which feature either the illustration of the dragon, unicorn or griffin. Merch for Marginalia.
Branding for Tavolo Lungo, an Italian restaurant that brings old-world flavour to the North American table.
An image showing two different views of a menu and a gif a collection of cards. The menu is white, and features large photographs of wine glasses and grapes in strong, natural lighting. The gif shows numerous cards, all of which feature a photo of a person, their name written in handwritten font and a small bio. When the image changes, the images of people are replaced with different ingredients used in Italian cuisine, such as tomatoes and olives. The name of each ingredient is written in Italian and the personal bios are replaced with a small blurb about the ingredient. Tavolo Lungo’s packaging that celebrates the family’s lineage of great cooks with their translated, decoded, and reinterpreted recipes.
Branding and UX/UI for Away, an app that helps university students overcome homesickness.