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Jesse Ellingson

Jesse Ellingson

With an easygoing demeanour, Jesse constantly finds himself trying to find a balance between aesthetics and concept. His work demonstrates a distinctive eye for craft and a strong foundation in creative thinking. Jesse prides himself on being able to get along with just about anybody.


Communication Arts Design Awards 2018, Student Showcase

Communication Arts Typography Awards 2018, Student

Applied Arts Student Awards 2017, Editorial Design

Applied Arts Student Awards 2017, Design Series (x2)

RGD Student Awards 2017, Print Design, Honourable Mention

Applied Arts Georges Haroutiun Scholarship 2017, Runner-up

GDC Salazar Awards 2017, Honourable Mention

Lexus National Design School Challenge 2016, Finalist

Jesse Ellingson | Identity | Ovaltine Cafe

Ovaltine Cafe    |    Identity

Jesse Ellingson | Print | Nordsjøen Annual Report

Nordsjøen Annual Report    |    Print

Jesse Ellingson | Identity | Walters

Walters    |    Identity

Jesse Ellingson | Packaging | Walters Fly Reel

Walters Fly Reel    |    Packaging

Jesse Ellingson | Design | Spectacle of Tragedy Exhibit

Spectacle of Tragedy Exhibit    |    Design

Jesse Ellingson | Identity | The Future Institute

The Future Institute    |    Identity

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