Teresa Cantu

Imported from Mexico, Special Edition.

A freshly-picked graduate with an insatiable thirst to create meaningful branding solutions through storytelling while exploring the fun in functional, Teresa is obsessed with bikes, the outdoors, dogs, and beer, and will use any possible opportunity to craft puns & 
bad dad jokes.


Dean’s List x 7
CAPIC Rodeo 10
 – 2018 2nd place Illustration
RGD Award for Packaging  – 2019 Honourable Mention
Capilano University Achievement Access Awards x 3

Posters for a synthwave music festival. The colours are inspired by the glow of late sunsets and city lights against the night sky.
Collateral created with UV ink enhances the audience's experience with unexpected glowing colours.
Branding inspired by the unique personalities of characters from Scottish folklore.
Each product features a mythological creature from Scottish folklore.
Re-branding for a quadrathlon that inspires participation by highlighting the boldness of the event and the impact left by the athletes.
The quadrathlon serves as a fundraiser with each participant raising money while they compete. The t-shirt represents the hard work that starts from each competitor's heart.