Heather Haughn

Heather Haughn

Curiouser and curiouser.

The unexpectedly artistic offspring of two plant geneticists, Heather inherited a wide-ranging curiosity and a knack for problem solving. When she’s not trying to find aesthetic solutions to other people’s problems, you’ll often find her waist-deep in a thrift store or striking up a conversation with the nearest stranger.


ADCC Student Awards
 – 2019 Silver
Applied Arts Awards
 – 2017 Design Single, 2019 Design Program x 2
RGD Student Awards – 
2018 Honourable Mention
Salazar Awards
 – 2018 Honourable Mention

phone: 778.867.5304
email: hello@heather-haughn.com
website: heather-haughn.com
instagram: @heather_haughn

Brand identity for Kenzi Beach, Moroccan Luxury Resort.
Packaging for Ebb & Flo Cannabis Tea.
Posters for Halcyon Folk Festival.
Collateral for Halcyon Folk Festival.
The Botanist’s Daughter, small-batch apparel.
The Botanist's Daughter, small batch apparel.