Marco Mo is a designer from Shanghai. His Chinese background enables him to design in both Chinese and English. Marco is open-minded and adaptable. He loves to try everything with patience and strives to be meticulous in every detail.

Profile photo of Marco Mo and 2 pieces of sample work.


Branding + UX/UI
A GIF showing a mock-up of a Nissan R32 GTR with an Arcturus sticker on the left rear, and a mock-up of front and rear windshield stickers on different makes of cars. Branding for Arcturus, an auto group that welcomes enthusiasts from different car cultures.
A display of branded items for Arcturus Auto Group including a zine, a foldable container, and T-shirt designs. Collateral for Arcturus Auto Group.
A GIF showing a variety of sketches for the RE:POLY logo, and the final solution. Branding for RE:POLY, a sustainable textile company that creates alternatives to polyester fabrics from food scraps.
On the left is a GIF showing website and social media content. On the right is an image of a branded RE:POLY order form and pen. Website, social media, and order forms for RE:POLY.
On the left is an iPhone mock-up showing the launch screen of the Coin app with a problem statement at the top. On the right are six screens from Coin organized in a grid formation. Branding and UX/UI for Coin, an easy-to-understand banking app for pre-teens designed to introduce them to tools for managing their money.
A GIF showcasing a menu design for four individual seasons and a flat, separate view of the menu. Menu design for Na+ Cl- (Salt of the Earth), a fictional Vancouver farm-to-table restaurant. The menu features four different designs—one for each season—to reflect seasonal ingredients and dishes.
Music posters for Bigger Than Justice, a fictional charity music festival featuring hip-hop artists who are committed to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.
The left side of the image shows front and back views of the packaging for “Good Bits” salmon treats. The right side shows front and back views of the packaging for the premium wet food “Meat Up” as well as one of the cans. Branding and packaging for Fetching, a premium pet food and lifestyle brand.