Dallas is a motion and UX/UI designer with an affinity for fantasy, fictional, and futuristic interface design (FUI). Coming from a documentary film background, he keeps storytelling at the vanguard of his work. Playing video games, and pushing his creative boundaries through dance, world building, and mini-painting are his go-to pastimes.

Profile photo of Dallas McKinnon and 2 pieces of sample work.


Motion + UX/UI
Notation Set
Citi National Digital Banking
Dean’s List
An animated teaser for a fictional science fiction series called MAN.HUNT set in a techno-dystopia where automated law enforcement oversees its citizens.
Process of HUD creation and FUI animation for MAN.HUNT.
A panel on the left that reads “Cache: Save for Tomorrow. A minimal budgeting app from the space age offering focused alerts and a branded experience.” UI mobile screens on the right showcasing UI design. Cache is a futuristic budgeting app for sci-fi and space nerds designed to simplify finances and inspire hope for the future.
AFTRBRN is a mixed-reality phonk music festival. BRNOUT is AFTRBRN’s companion high-octane music streaming app designed for athletes, street racers, and adrenaline junkies.
An animated gif that begins showcasing the font’s name “Malafon,” then shows the pangram “Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow,” finishing with example terms “Shatter Stone, Artificial Intelligence, Magic Missile, Tenebris System, and Slay 14 Dire Wolves.” Malafon is an experimental unicase typeface inspired by blackletter and science fiction, suitable for headlines, titles, and posters.
As we become more reliant on digital tools, the ability to protect our information from hackers has become increasingly important. Black_Hat is designed as an entertaining educational tool to teach players online safety.
On the left, text reads, “BLACK_HAT: A hacking themed competitive deck-building card game designed to be an introduction to cybersecurity concepts and terminology.” On the right, a competitive card game set up for play. Black_Hat is a hacking themed competitive deck-building card game designed as an introduction to cybersecurity terms and concepts.