A designer as well as an illustrator, Celia seeks to create work that sparks and satisfies curiosity—both her own and that of others. She loves doing deep research that provides fertile ground for insight and stories to flourish, and opportunities to make the mundane appear marvellous.

Profile photo of Celia Palomar Robisco and 2 pieces of sample work.


Branding + Illustration
Dean’s List
Capilano Courier
Feature Illustrator
A series of 3 illustrated posters on a flat colour background. Poster design and illustration for “To Tide Over,” a Maritime music festival that revives the long-held tradition of work music for contemporary audiences.
A looping gif of 3 spreads and front and back of an annual report for the HR MacMillan Space Centre. Design and illustration for an annual report for the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre that rekindles the wonder of space exploration.
A looping gif of 4 editorial illustrations. A selection of editorial illustrations published in the Capilano Courier (various issues, 2021).
An image showing the cookbook cover in front of a recipe spread. Cookbook design for Homegrown restaurant that invites readers to explore ingredients and recipes of Canada’s West Coast.
On the left is a branded book box, and on the right is a logo, three stickers, a bookmark, and a notebook. A mail-in subscription box for Allusion Books, a company that readapts classics and mythology for young readers. Each subscription box contains a book, stickers, and other goodies.
A book cover and spread for an illustrated children’s book, The Battle of Frogs and Mice. A book cover and spread for Allusion Books, a children’s publishing house that makes classics and mythology accessible and engaging for young minds.